The Palace Taichung

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The Palace Taichung


Travel- explore different ways of living away from home.

Home- warm the fast-paced day life and shelter the happiness.

This project is led by two companies that focus on two living styles:

Hotel Royal - connecting strange land to Heart, Place, People, and Memory.

Dayi International Development Co., Ltd- building happy family fill with Humanity, Culture, Nature, Aesthetics, and Life.

The architect is finding common ground of the both companies and gives birth to the idea - House leads travels to the home in their hearts.


This project is sited in Taichung’s west district, where the old city hall, National Art Museum, and National Science Museum are adjacent. Within such a cultural and landmark city node, the architect is speaking to the city with the architecture’s volume, color, and lighting. On the street side the project has 6.9m height pedestrian zone to continue the creative and artistic atmosphere on Yin Zai Rd. to include both Beauty and Knowledge. The Framed style and sloped roof framing sculpture a space with humanity.

City — Interweaving the Old and New Urban Fabric with the Natural and Cultural
  1. Transformation of old and new cities

The site is located at a multiple transformation node:

Geometrical ­figures, historical swift, two urban girds, old and new downtown.


  1. Intertwine of Nature and Geometry

There are two rivers close by the site. The wind brings the scent of the city following the river and make people recall the memories of traveling.


  1. The conversation between Art and Humanities

The project is expected to continues the artistic atmosphere of Taichung; moreover, to become a perpetual door symboling the meaning of home.

Good Life — Human -A Symphony of Values from Two Enterprises

The project is a close-knit collaboration between two enterprises that center on different business philosophies. By combining their values and seeking commonalities, they provide an improved living environment for travelers - a home that comforts the traveler’s soul on her journey.

Good Machine — Architecture – The Variations from Home Hotel

Through the architecture, the designer connects the two values of both enterprises to build a hose on the common ground of home and hotel. The framed cubes on top of the architecture resemble the variations conducted by things that touches the heart during the journey.

Design Concept

Home sweet home
The Interpretation of Tunes

The tune” Home Sweet Home” is noted in the software, Grasshopper to generate the cubical frame on the elevations. The frame then is transformed into travel and living spaces.

The Superposition of Tunes and Cultures

The main product - spirit of home and hotel is expressed through the tunes one the elevations. The frames, shaped in double slopped roof to resemble sweet home which are placed in a pedestrian scale.

Variations of Happy Village on Top

The tunes start to varies on top of the building.


A Light of Art that Illuminates the City

Vision is the fastest and most direct element to establish a brand's image. The impression of Dayi and Hotel Royal rises when the sun set. During the day, cultural industries nearby stimulate creativity. At night, the sun dims, but the elapse of light will not take away the color of the city and architecture. People are whispering: about Taichung, about journey, a bout memories, about layers of meaning of home.

The building is not only going to light up the relatively quiet outer-ring of the city but also becoming the headlight among the Art Zone of Taichung.



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