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Wager International Elementary School


Wager Elementary School is the first bilingual elementary school in Taichung City, 940 meters south of Taichung Shuinan Airport. The designer reexamines the relationship between architecture and a school campus, and presents this project in a different light from traditional Taiwanese elementary schools.

Architectural Design

‘To go into buildings, endow them with fairy tales....and build in fantasy without regard for technical difficulty.’
--------- Gropius 1919.

The design concept is derived from the idea that “Children are the most precious ‘gift’ from God, and the process of children seeking knowledge in school is like the anticipation and the excitement of gift opening.” Therefore this project hopes to create a space full of imagination and exploration through the techniques of layering composition and hints of light to connect, deflect and dodge circulation movements. The spatial contrast between the exterior and interior architecture responds to the symbolic nature of unwrapping a gift from the outside to discover what’s contained on the inside.



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