Cathay Green Mansion


Residential, Low-Rise Residential

Cathay Green Mansion


Just like its tree-shaped logo, Cathay Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, as the first public traded developing company in Taiwan, has positively and consistently lead its employees, clients, and the society. "I've spent lifetime to learn how to pain like a child." said Pablo Picasso, the contemporary art master. Same as Picasso, the architect is in pursuit of the very beginning mind and uses it to reexamining the original value and reason of the establishment of Cathay Real Estate. Trees does not only provide shadings but also express vitality. Moreover, trees nourish every sprout of its ends.

A Building to Reflect the Vibrant Urban Texture

This project is sited next to National Science Museum. Though the site is next to the city's major artery, it is calmed by the surrounding greens from the adjacent botanical garden and community park. The architect is portraying the enterprise's impression (urban green life) and the environment through the impression of trees and the architecture's volume, color, and lighting. The design echoes urban green life and is expected to refine Cathy's new impression of consistency.


The Green String of Residential Building and Environment

Thinking through an urban point of view, tall buildings often appears as a single cell. Leaving the streetfacing base for pedestrian and store use seems to be the only way to interact with the city. This project attempts to rethink the position of residential building and explore its possibilities role as a linkage. The building is expected to become not only an architectural volume but also a string connecting nature and urban texture.


Reconstruction of Conventional Housing Design

In terms of architecture integrity, the designer is looking for a breakthrough from conventional Taiwanese residential building which normally has a heavy stone base and tile facade. The base is so taken for granted to serves as conjunction for stores and housing. The designer hopes to spot out other possibilities to define residential buildings from its conservative way.


Goodness as the Core Value of the Company

A well-designed residential building holds high standards both in design and construction phases in order to provide the dwellers comfortable environment. Cathay Real Estate is a company of its reputation that insists in clearing property right, constructing accordingly, on-time-settlement, and permanent service.

Design Concept

The New Cathay You Never Knew

Aesthetics and value of an enterprise can be read from a company's headquarter. While the spirit can be delivered from the company's products. The key for a designer is new perspective and interpretation. "The new Cathay is in the corner!"

LOGO – Product – Aesthetics

Transformation of The Logo

Tree as Spirit

Start with Cathay's logo to reflect the tree spirit-anchoring the ground of Taiwan, growing consistently and flourishing. The tree in the icon represents the visible side of Cathay, and the roots represent the invisible side.

Re-imagination of The Product Prototyp

Icon as Architecture

Expression of Architectural Aesthetics

Pattern as Facade



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