Shining Shilin Presidential Residence

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Residential, High-Rise Residential

Shining Shilin Presidential Residence


Club House, a place for high class to interface.

Official Residence, stands the highest standard of residence before.

Interface, means to combine and to connect.

We tried to recreate the appearance of life through the vocabulary of architectural design.


"The Official Residence" and “Citizen House" has been separated by different lifestyle, and we tried to interface two different lifestyle together. We attempted to seek a new architectural manifestation for the high-rise building, corresponding to the economic, technological and aesthetic aspects of its urban environment.

A Building to Reflect the Vibrant Urban Texture

Located on a rectangle shaped site at Taipei Shilin District, which has Zhongshan North Road lead to the site. Shilin Official Residence is the former residence of late President Chiang Kai-shek, has now turned into a public place for two purpose, first, to convert cultural exhibition space for variety of activities for citizens; two, the traditional courtyard within can promote the flower festival with the blossom flower and bio-species through the whole year. We attempted to provide a new architectural manifestation for residential building in the city. While pursuing the atmosphere of traditional residential house, we gave a second thought of what is the real luxury residential house to respond the unique and subtle beauty of the surrounding area.

Place - Aura

The building is sited in a green environment which decorated by the landscape scene of Yangmingshan. The site is connected with Zhongshan North Road, one of the most important green boulevard which links Taipei City and its suburban area together, which created a green line in the city. Located on the intersection axis line formed by Jhongshan Building, Shilin Official Residence, The Grand Hotel, and Office of President Republic of China (Taiwan) Palace. The invisible axis "line" represent the line of luxury and power of high class. Sitting at the root of the mountain, the building is supported by comfortable microclimate, which can influence people who visit the building. Due to the close location beside the boulevard bustled with traffic and pedestrians, the volume of the building can be seen before entering the entrance alley. The building is composed by the subtle luxury building style and aesthetic of natural beauty, which set into the natural environment peacefully and established a new goal of building can respond the nature beautifully.

Palace - Architecture

In terms of the building’s character, the designer responds to the environment with a humble manner. The designer expects the building to become an ultimate landmark. The large-face windows on the southern elevation bring sunshine into the interior; but also increasing the flow of the wind. In the atmosphere aspect, trying to leads the scenery into interior by the translucent materials and the reflection from the edgeless pool. Thus, either vision, space, or physical environment, have decent circulations, making the space suitable for living.

People - Atmosphere

Satisfying the elites’ demands, this office not only provides the space for the business also a space for receiving the honor guests between life and society. This project embodies the rare, ultimate attainment, and unique characteristics. In other words, the owner show their high social status by these characteristics. In the architecture design aspect, integrating man-made and nature surrounding through the glass and materials properties. Hence, the human and the nature live between each other.

Design Concept

We transfer the Lalu Hotel’s architecture elements to this project which creating the image of villa in the city: Tea house, bamboo forest, and water.

Geometric Prototypes

Employing the Chinese Square image to develop the modules (big module: Square; small module: Cube).These modules constitute the building façade.

Floor Plan Design

Each door is a square module, and each of them contain the green cube (Shochiku) and brown cube (Tea house). In addition, the edgeless pool integrates them into one.

Elevation Design

The green cube and the brown cube jump on the façade.

Base Map

Though the module system to construct the main frame. The cubes are able to adjust their position to follow the interior compartment. These asymmetric cubes made the elevation has a rhythm of music.



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