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Favor Visionary


The site is located at “the specific area in Hsinzhu Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail” in Zhubei City, Hsinzhu. It is near Gaotie 7th Road and next to Hsinzhu Station. Science and technology units such as Hsinchu Science Park, Industrial Technology Research Institute and universities such as NTHU, NCTU and NHUE are nearby.


This building is a commercial office building, with eighteen floors on the ground and three floors under the ground. Facing the 30m-meter-wide Gaotie 7th Road and 20m-meter-wide planning road.


Space of this building can be divided into three parts-commercial space, office space and living space.


Space under the 3rd floor (including 3rd floor) is commercial space with some shops and restaurants. When shopping on the 1st floor, people will feel the space unimpeded and open because there are no walls and the ceiling is high. A garden is built on the terrace of the 3rd floor with many trees and flowers where people can relax themselves in the busy space.


Large office space is from the 4th floor (including 4th floor) to the 12th floor. Meetings and discussions can be held in big or small meeting rooms. The landscape pool on the 4th floor provide an enjoyment of diverse water features and lighting.


The highest part of this building is from the 13th floor to 18th floor which are small office space and living space. It is planning to provide different choices of spaces for people such as SOHO and small office and so on.

Design Concept

Presents New City Building Hiroshi Hara

This building is located in front of Hsinzhu Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail. It is a pluralistic altogether of city including commercial, office and living spaces. Although now there is only one building in this block, many high-rise buildings will be built in the future. At the beginning when planning, we shape the building from the city. We aimed to make the building not only coordinate with other buildings, but also be independent and self-supporting. The architecture with two big openings is surrounded by the courtyard.


The courtyard is on the 4th floor. We want to create an interesting and diverse space. There is a shallow pool with deep blue light well. Light and wind can go through the openings of the bridge. Columns are set on the base of the building to reappear Taiwanese traditional street view. On the 3rd floor, we use wood to build the platform of terrace so that plant can grow here. We predict that the effect of the functional circuit conditions of the architectural form will be evident when the other buildings are built in this block.


City buildings always become architectural variants which are only concerned about their forms not only in Taiwan but also around the world. This building is simple, but different.


“Impossibility” and ”Dreams” are always synonyms. The completion of this building is unbelievable. And it is the result of 30 flights from Taiwan to Japan in 9 months.


It is definitely a wonderful experience to discuss with the famous architect face to face who can only be seen on magazine during school days. Especially international cooperation started from many chances and effect.


I want to sincerely appreciate the support of Peter Huang, the General Manager of Huiyo Architecture Co., Ltd., Dr. Sotetsu Sha, Mr. Tzung He Wang, Mr. Chihyuan Wang and Mr. Heng Sheng Cheng of the Engineering Department as well as all the colleagues of Tai Architect & Associates.



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