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The Lalu

The Lalu

Situated on the long and narrow Lalu Peninsula, the six storey Chinese palatial architecture of The Lalu was once the vacation residence of former President Chiang Kai-Shek. On the hills by the water’s edge, harmonized by the local Shao tribe aboriginal culture and Chinese traditional architecture, The Lalu sits in the mist of Sun Moon Lake with its natural and cultural uniqueness.


With a thorough design philosophy and a mature hand, architect Kerry Hill, in partnership with Tai Architects, proceeded by drawing out the essence of the location’s various elements which blends, simplifies and creates a character uniquely ahead of its time. Kerry Hill terms this as “Ongoing Style,” meaning the “advanced and advancing architectural style.”


Most of the guest rooms and the main lobby are located in the new seven storey building. Recreation and entertainment are in the original six storey Lalu hotel. Along with the courtyard villa accommodations, these three main components are threaded together along an east-west axis.


Along this axis is a covered promenade, representing a transitional space. It functions as an outdoor space, a semi-outdoor lobby, and a corridor. It also provides a transition between the scales of the residential and the commercial. Furthermore, it provides a rich visual and mental encounter with a playful and theatrical quality.



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