Heart Residence


Residential, High-Rise Residential

Heart Residence


Refreshing Volume – Hidden Culture

The dream of architecture can be carried out through an ideal home. Instead of extravagant visual display, its design can be achieved by tranquility and depth.


At the start of the design, one question was mulled over: what architectural solution can result from the brainstorming of “Tai Architect” and “Treasure Dragon”? How shall the simple yet elegant “Treasure” architecture fit within the splendorous and majestic zone of Phase 7? At last, the designer decided that Treasure Dragon’s future luxury is to satisfy human necessities, and thus culture becomes the focus.


The designer empowers home living by culture. To differentiate from the typical splendor within Phase 7 zone, the twin-tower architecture expands the living boundaries by dissecting the building volumes, which not only gains the most areas for the storefront and public spaces on the first floor, but exposes visually further toward the nature of sun, sky, clouds, winds and trees. One senses tranquility and time by pausing in the space isolated from all discordance.


Instead of the extravagant language, the elevation incorporates simple lines and materials. The curved balcony creates the contrast of one vs. two, and large vs. small. This rhythm transcends culture and nature into a composition of musical notes, as if a concerto played throughout Phase 7.


Cultivate Nature – Sincere Embrace and Absolute Ease

The design incorporates culture without overstatement, using point, line and planes in nature to form architecture. The simple and lucid materials embrace nature humbly and quietly by minimizing the architectural existence.


The rectangular spaces are expansive in width and depth. The sunlight penetrates into the interior and the greeting area floating above a shallow pool creates multi-layered greenery.


Covered in green, the swimming pool in the back is the best supplement to a life. Wood draws nature intimately. Green trees create privacy so that one may be carefree to enjoy swimming. This negative space is interpreted as a pure container to hold the fragrance of life.


Healthy Residence – Sunlit Space

Treasure Dragon has always insisted to be “intimate with nature” and “healthy”.

Nature brings life and nutrients with its seemingly boundless energy. Thus the design injects various elements of nature and emphasizes co-existence with it. The most basic requirements in the “Treasure” projects are health, clean air and water.

In addition, the users are given a variety of spaces. Those who enjoy gardening have the big open space on the first floor. Those who value privacy have the retreated space on each level for greenery. Those who are outgoing and social have the teahouse and the lounge bar on the roof top.

The exterior seasonal change connects with the interior. The comfort of life is opened up and experienced through this interaction.

Concluding Remarks

Where is “The Heart Treasure?”

Time is fleeting;

Time is everlasting.

Wind of eternity;

Through transient chaos and order

Surprise in each step;

Through straight path and turns

Architecture responds to life, which

Seems to be

A journey of praise,

A journey of travel,

A journey of discovery.

Ascend to the mountain top,

Only to find

A land of peach blossoms

At the foothills not afar.



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