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Taiwan Hon-Chuan Group Headquarter


To consider the essence – for over six decades, Hon Chuan has been an enterprise that works diligently, and grows together with the employees as a collective. Building upon this foundation, and through architecture, we rethink the significance of “Reestablish the intent; Create brand value” for the Enterprise, and further conceptualize it as the initial design idea. Client’s request was responded through investigations in three scales – Urban, Architecture, and Human – that simultaneously consider the spatial quality for the employees, and the building’s place in the surrounding urban environment where it dwells.

A Building to Reflect the Vibrant Urban Texture

Located in the 7th Urban Land Consolidation Area as well as in Taichung Industrial Park, the site sits at the end point of Shizeng Road of Taichung City. In the past, industrial areas are usually situated in the remote outskirt of the city; however, as the urban development expands, the area where the site is located is becoming increasingly important in the city. Through the design of the building mass, color, and lighting; together with the reestablishment of the corporate image; we seek to echo the new urban life that brings about commercial development and hope for the future. Once realized, it will become an important landmark at the end point of a significant road, glittering in the urban fabric of Taichung City.

Good Object

Urban – The Innovative Potentials of Society and Environment

Thinking through an urban point of view, the client, THC (Taiwan Hon Chuan) expects the design of its new headquarters/factory to transcend past impressions on the factory building type that is traditionally built for temporary use and often with illegal additions. Furthermore, the new building shall be the embodiment of a new corporate image, and a point of link between the core and remote area of the city. At the same time, we hope to rethink and redefine what industrial architecture is, a building type that has been left out of discussion in the past.

Good Machine

Architecture – The Juxtaposed Aesthetics between Function and Imagery

Industrial architecture that houses both factory plants and office space could be think of as a machine with high efficiency and precision. To continue this line of thought, an efficient building could not only increase working efficiency of the users, but also effectively reflect the production, process, and corporate image of the company.

Good Life

Human – Goodness as the Core Value of the Company

A well-designed industrial architecture will provide users an ideal working environment and thus increase their working efficiency, which in turn brings about the pursuit of goodness in life.

Good Lighting

Light of the City

Vision is the fastest and most direct element to establish a brand image. In considerations on the nature of enterprise and industry, via the lighting design, the architect manifests urban texture and its impact on the society and culture. In the meantime, the building itself attempts to convey a friendly and yet avant-garde image of the industrial technology features, which can be divided into day and night - in the day time the city is an indicator of imagery; and when night comes, while the sun gradually goes dark, the elapse of light will not take away the color of city and architectures. And, the industrial park will be lit by the lights of the building; it will become the light of the city.

LOGO – Product – Aesthetics

Design Considerations
  1. Transformation of the Logo:Transform THC’s logo into the organizational structure in plan, and then further transform it into the spatial quality of both working and living.
  2. Re-imagination of the Product Prototype:PET bottles, the main product of the company, are formalized as the main design element; the form thus also represents the corporate image as well as the manufacturing process (R&D / Experiment / Production) of the products.
  3. Expression of Architectural Aesthetics:The design of the elevation is the overlapping geometric interpretation of the products of the company.

Innovation and Transform

Inspired by the concept, “Digital Nervous System”, associated with Bill Gates of Microsoft, every enterprise essentially has a nervous system; in order to build a rapid response mechanism to be analogous to the autonomic nervous system of a biological organism, an enterprise must achieve this goal via digital thinking. By adopting this concept, we recombined the LOGO of THC (Taiwan Hon Chuan), converted its product images and aesthetics into design elements. The geometric pattern on the curtain walls is constituted by polygonal line; at the same time, with the use of integrated circuit board-like digital nerve lines, lighting design is combined to express the link efficiency of the company’s operations and the style of products.


The expression of façade is based on the conveyor during the production process, symbolizing the deeply link of the efficiency which is valued by the industrial building, and further to achieve the efficiency of enterprise, form and function.



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